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Three SoCal Derby skaters in purple are bracing each other's arms in preparation to block an opponent. Another SoCal skater an a coach are out of focus in the background in front of a wall with a blue mural.

Catch us in action

Our 2024 home bouts will be held at Ringer's Roller Rink, a vibrant outdoor venue in North Encanto, near Lemon Grove in San Diego.

We also have a full season of away games in CA, NV, and AZ.

Anticipated 2024 Home Bout Dates:

February 10th

Kraken v. Wild West Outlaws 10:00am (251-73 Kraken)

Cuttlefish v. Whiskey Rollers 12:00pm (189-114 Cuttles)

March 2nd

Cuttlefish v. Denver Standbys 10:00am (rained out, Cuttles up at half)

Tentakills v. Denver Layovers 12:00pm (rained out)

April 14th (Sunday)

Tentakills v. Angel City Road Ragers 4:15pm (201-101 Tentakills)

Kraken v. Angel City Rocket Queens 6:15pm (80-73 Kraken)

May 4th

Cuttlefish v. V Town Roller B team (230-71 Cuttles)

Kraken v. V Town Roller Derby A team (330-41 Kraken)

May 20th *Local Away Game*

Tentakills vs. San Diego Roller Derby at Skateworld (148-102 Tentakills)

June 23rd (Sunday)

Kraken v. Bakersfield Diamond Divas 4:15pm

Tentakills v. Ventura 6:15pm

August 17th

Kraken v. Casa Grande Roller Derby 10:00am

Tentakills v. Coachella Valley Roller Derby 12:00pm

October 26th

Cuttlefish v. Tuscon Roller Derby 11:00am

Tentakills v. Rough Diamond Rebels 1:00pm

Photo credits this page: James Scott

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