Two Weeks, Two Wins!

Cuttlefish, our SoCal mixed level team, went on the road the last couple of weeks and made us proud. On September 17th, the Cuttles took on Hidden City’s Beachside Bullies.  It was a hard fought game on both sides with a final victory for the Cuttlefish with a score of 189-114. It was the first game with SoCal for several of our skaters; some new to roller derby, and some familiar faces who have transferred lately from other Southern California leagues – but they played together liked they’d been on the same track for many seasons. Congratulations goes out to Charlie Foxtrot, Rogue Rammer, Kosmo Kramer, Boogie Woman, and Bullseye Bomber for their first game with SoCal Derby and many more to come. Kosmo even celebrated her first time jamming – ever! – with a 20 point jam!  Thanks goes out to Hidden City Derby Girls for hosting us, friends and family for supporting us, and the ref crew for keeping us in line. And more congratulations go out to our Cuttlefish MVPs. Charlie Foxtrot was our Blocker MVP, Hartlyn was our Jammer MVP and Hollywood Hiplash was named overall MVP for the Cuttlefish!

Last Saturday, September 24th, the Cuttlefish headed to Temecula to take on the Wine Town Whine Makers. It was a fantastic game, with the score tied at the half and enough lead changes to make the crowd go wild. Ultimately, though, the Cuttlefish snatched the win with a final score of 176 to 132. Special shout outs go to Psycho Delic, who jammed 16 times with an over all points per jam average of 4.88, and Harlyn! and L’eggs N. Bacon for their outstanding bench management.  Wine town agreed with Hidden City and recognized Hollywood Hiplash as the Blocker MVP, Buns of Fury as the Jammer MVP, and Boo LaLa as the overall MVP. We can’t wait to play Wine Town again soon!