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The Kraken would like to thank:

  • Crazy Skates supports the Kraken by donating raffle prizes like their awesome Bounce and Big Bloc Toestops, Play, RWD & FFWD wheels, bandanas and more!
  • RollerBones wheels supports the Kraken by donating their fantastic Turbo and Day of the Dead derby wheels to the team. We reward them to each skater that earns the least amount of penalties in each of our games – kind of like a second, super awesome MVP award. Thank you, RollerBones, for helping the Kraken team members recognize the direct value of clean, effective gameplay!
  • S1 Helmets gives our players a big discount on our fantastic purple S1 Lifer Helmets. They protect our melons and make us look good!
  • Sin City Skates
    sincity_thumb gives our teams discounts, donates money and pays Ivanna to work on team business during official work hours to the tune of about 20 hours a week (including during the creation of this website). They’re our biggest and best sponsor, and everyone that works there is on our team. Come say hi!
  • Squeeze This Designs gives us great discounted custom heat-press vinyl for our uniforms.
  • Steven Suiter drew our first set of graphics and made our very first poster. Steven and Luna, aka Luna & Kick Rocks aren’t just our most supportive Bay Area fans, they were also founding members of SoCal Derby. Steven helped us discover that the kraken is our team’s spirit animal and mascot, and we’ll never forget! How could we with them waiving octopus arms at all our Bay Area games?
  • Sure Grip International donated a pair of Rebel Skates to our first raffle, and we’ll never forget it.
  • 187 Killer Pads isn’t an official sponsor, but Vinton and the boys have been known to test out products and make amazing custom pads for us pretty frequently, so we have to give them a huge shout out, too!