SoCal is ranked again!

On a recent Thursday night, December 8th, our nearby neighbors, the Wine Town Rollers (WFTDA ranked #238) hosted a very special last minute Women’s Flat Track Derby Association-sanctioned weeknight bout. The Kraken desperately needed one more sanctioned game before the end of the month to reclaim our WFTDA ranking spot, and our good friends, Wine Town’s Whine Makers swooped in to save the day.

copyright 2016 Tristan King PhotographySoCal Derby was most recently ranked number #38 in Division One in 2014. But after a tough 2014 season and heavy losses at the WFTDA Division One playoffs, the Kraken took a season off sanctioned play and fell out of the ranks. August and November games against SFV Roller Derby put the Kraken back in the running, and the December Wine Town game makes it official: SoCal Derby Kraken will be ranked in the December 2016 release anticipated in early January. Our math nerds have calculated that our initial rank is likely to be Division Three in the range of #95-105.

The Wine Town game was not just good for ranking, it was also a really good time! Wine Town came out hard in the first half, drawing first blood on the scoreboard. But SoCal released the Kraken early in the first quarter and never looked back.  Wine Town put up the bulk of their points early in both the first and second halves with standout jammer performances from Savvy Savage, and Bambi in the HeadlightsB.Randy and Charmean did a fantastic job trying to stop the Kraken jammers, and Junkette was an all around triple-threat for Wine Town throughout the game.

2016-1208-final-score-62-315-by-baconSoCal jammers Nova and Fisher scored over 80 points each and also did a fair amount of blocking, and Wreck’em Ralph, Hollywood Hiplash, Isabelle Ringer, Melissa Mayhem, Nicci Two Skates, and Psycho played penalty-free while racking up solid performances in their respective positions. SoCal ultimately took a decisive win with a score of 315-62.

MVP holiday tree ornaments and Kraken tentacles made by Wine Town and SoCal’s own EMT, PuNanni were awarded to Fischer, Hartlyn, and Trish the Dish for SoCal and Bambi, Charmean, and Savvy for Wine Town.

Check out Game Stats.

Facebook galleries of photos from the game:


Tristan King Photography


Tough Girls on Eight Wheels

Special thanks goes out to B.Randy and Wine Town Roller Derby for helping us pull together a sanctioned game in less than a week, and for a fun filled bout.  We also reserve a very special thanks for our fans, EMTs, photographers and officials, who made the trek mid-week and at the very last minute.