Kraken victory after close sanctioned game with SFV!

San Fernando Valley’s Like OMG’s, ranked #98 in WFTDA, and your SoCal Derby Kraken went head to head again last Saturday, Nov 19th in their first WFTDA-sanctioned meeting since 2014. The bout was highly anticipated after the two teams met in a WFTDA strength factor challenge just last August that saw SFV squeak out a win at home with a 10 point margin. The Kraken spent the couple months between training hard and building their new charter with skaters like recent transfers Hollywood Hiplash and Hard Kandy, and up and coming skaters Kelly Clocks’em and Wreck ‘Em Ralph. The track also saw familiar faces, like captain Trish the Dish and high-performing skaters like pivot Boo Lala, and Hartlyn! filling out both jamming and blocking rolls this game. The Kraken also hosted a surprise return from retirement with now-full-time jammer and banked track legend, Isabelle Ringer.

SoCal came out of the gate hard, drawing first blood in the first jam, but SFV returned every hard hit with one of their own. The very physical bout stayed within 10 points for the entire first half with SFV in the lead going into half time.  The second half was a nail-biter with regular lead changes, but SFV’s penalty trouble allowed SoCal a slight advantage. The Kraken did a great job capitalizing on every penalty opportunity, and with just a few minutes to go, the lead changed once again and established itself firmly within SoCal’s hands. SFV never quit and chipped away at SoCal’s lead, but soon fell short.  SoCal was victorious in a 213-188 win over SFV’s Like OMG’s. The Like OMG’s awarded to SoCal’s Isabelle Ringer the Jammer MVP, and Boo Lala was their pick for Blocker MVP. The Kraken skaters had a tough time deciding, but ultimately choose SFV’s Legacy as the best Blocker MVP, and reluctant jammer Atomic for the Jammer MVP prize. Atomic announced that Saturday’s bout was her last with SFV before she moves to Washington, DC to continue her off-skates career, and transfer to Charm City Roller Derby. We wish her the best of luck.

The Kraken would also like to sincerely thank SFV for traveling to San Diego to play this sanctioned game, all the referees who did a great job ensuring we played a safe and legal game, and all of our beloved volunteers that made this bout possible.

This bout will put the Kraken back in the WFTDA ranks, and you can bet you’re going to see another announcement very soon when that is official!