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New year, new Board Members!

SoCal Derby is super proud to announce that we’ve completed our Board of Director Winter term elections and we have three (well, really two) new Board Members!

Buns by Tristan King Photography, c2016

We’d like to first thank our outgoing Board Members for their service. Buns of Fury and Sylena aka Pu Nanni‘s terms were marked by a lot of changes in the league and they were strong throughout.

Sylena by L’eggs N Bacon

Buns is transitioning off the Board, but continues to be an incredible force on our SoCal Kraken charter.  Sylena is leaving us with a fantastic updated Emergency Action Plan that will continue to keep us safe in future years, and we hope she’ll continue to be our Head Medic. We owe both of them a tremendous debt of gratitude.


Bacon by Tristan King Photo

L’eggs N Bacon, a SoCal Derby founding Board Member, has served as our Secretary since 2011. She is moving into our Vice President position this term. Bacon has been a crucial part of the behind-the-scenes league operations as Secretary. She’s done a fantastic job with our WFTDA administration, including sanctioning, charters, insurance dashboard and managing our incoming skater paperwork and eligibility, attendance and roster management. She also handles bout production planning, carries the weight of Officials scheduling and a lot more. As Bacon moves into the VP role, we look forward to transitioning some of that responsibility to the new Secretary so Bacon can turn her attention to streamlining and improving our league policies, procedures and voting. Bacon is a current skater recovering from knee problems. She’s been coaching, officiating and working on earning WFTDA Non-skating Official (NSO) Certification.

Ralph c. 2016 Grant Palmer

We’re super excited to welcome Reck’em Ralph to our Board as our newest Gold Member.The Gold Member position is flexible and the duties are defined by the Board Member’s experience and interests. As a long term San Diego Derby Doll, a second season SDDD Wildfire all-star, a member of our SoCal Kraken charter and the current cross-league Dollhouse Maintenance Manager, Ralph brings a ton of skating, team and production experience to the table. We’re looking forward to her involvement in bout production and more.

Hollywood Selfie 2016

Hollywood Hiplash , our new Secretary, is a 2016 transfer skater from the Beckley Area Derby Dames in West Virginia, where she handled attendance, team files and meeting notes. Hollywood is a current SDDD Sparks player, a newly minted SDDD Wildfire all-star and plays on the SoCal Kraken charter. We’re confident that she has just the right experience and drive to follow in the big shoes (both literally and figuratively) Bacon leaves for her to step into.


About the SoCal Derby Board of Directors
Our incoming Board Members will train with outgoing and current Board Members and transition into their new roles for the next couple of months. Please wish them luck and thank them for their service to the league! The SoCal Derby 5-member Board of Directors serve one-year terms with three positions voted in Winter (December) and the remaining two positions eligible for Summer (June) elections. Our next elections will be in June of 2017, when our President and Treasurer terms expire.

Outgoing Board Members:
Vice President: Buns of Fury
Gold Member: Pu Nanni
Secretary: L’eggs N Bacon

New Board Members:
Vice President: L’eggs N Bacon
Secretary: Hollywood Hiplash
Gold Member: Reck’em Ralph

Mid-term continuing Board Members (through Summer, 2017)
President: Ivanna S. Pankin
Treasurer: Trish the Dish

SoCal is ranked again!

On a recent Thursday night, December 8th, our nearby neighbors, the Wine Town Rollers (WFTDA ranked #238) hosted a very special last minute Women’s Flat Track Derby Association-sanctioned weeknight bout. The Kraken desperately needed one more sanctioned game before the end of the month to reclaim our WFTDA ranking spot, and our good friends, Wine Town’s Whine Makers swooped in to save the day.

copyright 2016 Tristan King PhotographySoCal Derby was most recently ranked number #38 in Division One in 2014. But after a tough 2014 season and heavy losses at the WFTDA Division One playoffs, the Kraken took a season off sanctioned play and fell out of the ranks. August and November games against SFV Roller Derby put the Kraken back in the running, and the December Wine Town game makes it official: SoCal Derby Kraken will be ranked in the December 2016 release anticipated in early January. Our math nerds have calculated that our initial rank is likely to be Division Three in the range of #95-105.

The Wine Town game was not just good for ranking, it was also a really good time! Wine Town came out hard in the first half, drawing first blood on the scoreboard. But SoCal released the Kraken early in the first quarter and never looked back.  Wine Town put up the bulk of their points early in both the first and second halves with standout jammer performances from Savvy Savage, and Bambi in the HeadlightsB.Randy and Charmean did a fantastic job trying to stop the Kraken jammers, and Junkette was an all around triple-threat for Wine Town throughout the game.

2016-1208-final-score-62-315-by-baconSoCal jammers Nova and Fisher scored over 80 points each and also did a fair amount of blocking, and Wreck’em Ralph, Hollywood Hiplash, Isabelle Ringer, Melissa Mayhem, Nicci Two Skates, and Psycho played penalty-free while racking up solid performances in their respective positions. SoCal ultimately took a decisive win with a score of 315-62.

MVP holiday tree ornaments and Kraken tentacles made by Wine Town and SoCal’s own EMT, PuNanni were awarded to Fischer, Hartlyn, and Trish the Dish for SoCal and Bambi, Charmean, and Savvy for Wine Town.

Check out Game Stats.

Facebook galleries of photos from the game:


Tristan King Photography


Tough Girls on Eight Wheels

Special thanks goes out to B.Randy and Wine Town Roller Derby for helping us pull together a sanctioned game in less than a week, and for a fun filled bout.  We also reserve a very special thanks for our fans, EMTs, photographers and officials, who made the trek mid-week and at the very last minute.

Kraken victory after close sanctioned game with SFV!

San Fernando Valley’s Like OMG’s, ranked #98 in WFTDA, and your SoCal Derby Kraken went head to head again last Saturday, Nov 19th in their first WFTDA-sanctioned meeting since 2014. The bout was highly anticipated after the two teams met in a WFTDA strength factor challenge just last August that saw SFV squeak out a win at home with a 10 point margin. The Kraken spent the couple months between training hard and building their new charter with skaters like recent transfers Hollywood Hiplash and Hard Kandy, and up and coming skaters Kelly Clocks’em and Wreck ‘Em Ralph. The track also saw familiar faces, like captain Trish the Dish and high-performing skaters like pivot Boo Lala, and Hartlyn! filling out both jamming and blocking rolls this game. The Kraken also hosted a surprise return from retirement with now-full-time jammer and banked track legend, Isabelle Ringer.

SoCal came out of the gate hard, drawing first blood in the first jam, but SFV returned every hard hit with one of their own. The very physical bout stayed within 10 points for the entire first half with SFV in the lead going into half time.  The second half was a nail-biter with regular lead changes, but SFV’s penalty trouble allowed SoCal a slight advantage. The Kraken did a great job capitalizing on every penalty opportunity, and with just a few minutes to go, the lead changed once again and established itself firmly within SoCal’s hands. SFV never quit and chipped away at SoCal’s lead, but soon fell short.  SoCal was victorious in a 213-188 win over SFV’s Like OMG’s. The Like OMG’s awarded to SoCal’s Isabelle Ringer the Jammer MVP, and Boo Lala was their pick for Blocker MVP. The Kraken skaters had a tough time deciding, but ultimately choose SFV’s Legacy as the best Blocker MVP, and reluctant jammer Atomic for the Jammer MVP prize. Atomic announced that Saturday’s bout was her last with SFV before she moves to Washington, DC to continue her off-skates career, and transfer to Charm City Roller Derby. We wish her the best of luck.

The Kraken would also like to sincerely thank SFV for traveling to San Diego to play this sanctioned game, all the referees who did a great job ensuring we played a safe and legal game, and all of our beloved volunteers that made this bout possible.

This bout will put the Kraken back in the WFTDA ranks, and you can bet you’re going to see another announcement very soon when that is official!

Two Weeks, Two Wins!

Cuttlefish, our SoCal mixed level team, went on the road the last couple of weeks and made us proud. On September 17th, the Cuttles took on Hidden City’s Beachside Bullies.  It was a hard fought game on both sides with a final victory for the Cuttlefish with a score of 189-114. It was the first game with SoCal for several of our skaters; some new to roller derby, and some familiar faces who have transferred lately from other Southern California leagues – but they played together liked they’d been on the same track for many seasons. Congratulations goes out to Charlie Foxtrot, Rogue Rammer, Kosmo Kramer, Boogie Woman, and Bullseye Bomber for their first game with SoCal Derby and many more to come. Kosmo even celebrated her first time jamming – ever! – with a 20 point jam!  Thanks goes out to Hidden City Derby Girls for hosting us, friends and family for supporting us, and the ref crew for keeping us in line. And more congratulations go out to our Cuttlefish MVPs. Charlie Foxtrot was our Blocker MVP, Hartlyn was our Jammer MVP and Hollywood Hiplash was named overall MVP for the Cuttlefish!

Last Saturday, September 24th, the Cuttlefish headed to Temecula to take on the Wine Town Whine Makers. It was a fantastic game, with the score tied at the half and enough lead changes to make the crowd go wild. Ultimately, though, the Cuttlefish snatched the win with a final score of 176 to 132. Special shout outs go to Psycho Delic, who jammed 16 times with an over all points per jam average of 4.88, and Harlyn! and L’eggs N. Bacon for their outstanding bench management.  Wine town agreed with Hidden City and recognized Hollywood Hiplash as the Blocker MVP, Buns of Fury as the Jammer MVP, and Boo LaLa as the overall MVP. We can’t wait to play Wine Town again soon!

Sept 2016 Team Placements

After a relaxing summer haitus and a lot of fun at RollerCon, SoCal is thrilled to be back on the track! We just played a great strength factor challenge against our BFFs, the San Fernando Valley Roller Derby’s Like OMGs [currently ranked #90 in WFTDA and #71 in the US in Flat Track Stats]. With a final score of 117 (us), 174 (them), we re-enter the WFTDA ranking calculator with an estimated 1.26 strength factor, in the neighborhood of around #114 rank. We’re working on booking more sanctioned games and starting our climb back up the Divisions!  We’ve got games scheduled for the Cuttlefish and the Kraken in the coming months, so stay tuned! We are ready to roll with new rosters and a brand new charter! We’re pleased to announce:

2016 Kraken Charter (Sept 2016)
Captains: Trish the Dish & Ivanna S. Pankin
Boo LaLa
Buns of Fury
Hollywood Hiplash
Ivanna S. Pankin
Kelly Clocks’em aka Cloxy
Kiki DiAzz
L’eggs N Bacon
Psycho delic
Reckem Ralph
Trish the Dish

2016 Cuttlefish (B Team) Roster (Sept 2016)
Bullseye BombHer
Buzzsaw Bunny
Charlie Foxtrot
Cheap Trick
Hammering Harley
Kelly Clocks’em aka Cloxy
Kiki DiAzz
Kosmo kram her
L’eggs N Bacon
Psycho delic
Reckem Ralph
Rogue Rammer
Summer Whalen



Cuttlefish win their first game!

SoCal score by Tristan King thumbMVPs thumbs  SoCal and NCDA by Tristan King thumbThe Cuttlefish, SoCal’s brand new B team, made their debut in a friends & family matinee at the Dollhouse yesterday in an absolute nail-biter of a game against nearby rivals North County Derby Alliance. With a tied up score several times in each period, the teams duked it out to a final, last-jam victory for the Cuttlefish of 151 to 138. Both teams had such a great time that we’ll be doing that again, soon!  SoCal would like to thank our families for a great time, the North County Derby Alliance for a great game, our ref crew for tolerating us, and Wipeout for making fantastic MVP gifts! Please check out incredibly gorgeous photos in this facebook gallery by Tristan King Photography.

2 for 3 plus #1 2016 Kraken Roster Announced!

Things are moving fast, cephalopod fans! SoCal has 2 more pre-season bouts under our belts!

On February 28th, AZRD’s #37-ranked Tent City Terrors devoured us for Sunday brunch. We had such a great time that the final score of 469-49 was really a bit of a surprise! We celebrated jam-by-jam victories, like the times we stopped them from scoring, when our jammers got lead, and every time we outscored them or held them to just one pass – and there were more of those times than we expected!

Last Saturday, March 26th, was our first public, ticketed game, this time against our Southern California mentors, the Angel City Derby Girls. We brought a mixed level SoCal team up to play ACDG’s Shore Shots. A lot of SoCal players played the Rocket Queens last year and got tromped (to the tune of 337-126), so we really worked hard on our tactics and game play in preparation. Boo - shore shots MVP by karen bout nuffinThat work really paid off in a fantastic, nail-biter of a close game, that culminated with jammer Kung Pow Tina and her pack turning a 2-point lead into a solid 10-point victory in a harrowing last jam. SoCal took home a hard-fought win with a score of 197 – 187.  Standout players included game MVP Boo LaLa, but everyone on the team punched well above their weight class.

teams after photo w scores by karen boot noofin




 *Both photos c.2016 Karen Bout Nuffin for SoCal Derby

In other league news, Trish the Dish was re-elected Captain for 2016 Q1 Kraken! Her first job was to announce the initial Kraken charter, so without further ado:

2016 Kraken
Brazen Bull
Boo LaLa
Hard Kase
Hit N Run
Ivanna S. Pankin
Kelly Clocks’Em
Kung Pow Tina
Melissa Mayhem
Rose Anthrax
Trish the Dish
*6 more spots will be awarded and announced shortly!

1st Preseason Win vs Wine Town

021816 SoCal Derby safety check by Karen Bout Nuffin (smaller)We had a great time last night with our nearby WFTDA neighbors, the Wine Town Rollers. The Whine Makers took on a mixed level team from our growing league roster at our new downtown digs, the Dollhouse. It was a blast for all of us and a great way to start the season. We were sad that none of our favorite pro photographers could attend, but here’s a fun series of cell phone pix that we collected this morning! We want to extend our thanks to Wine Town Rollers for driving up on a weeknight and being a blast to play, Kraken veteran Buns of Fury and SoCal skater Karen Bout Nuffin for bench managing, and especially the Dollhouse Stripes for doing a great job officiating WFTDA rules. If this game is any indication, we’re looking at a GREAT SEASON COMING!
021816 SoCal shout by Karen Bout Nuffin (sm)021816 SoCal vs Wine Town scoreboard by Zombie


021816 SoCal vs Wine Town afterpic by someone on Karen's phone (8x15)
*All photos c.2016 Karen Bout Nuffin for SoCal Derby

Huge January Enrollment!

SoCal fans will be thrilled to hear that our collaboration with the San Diego Derby Dolls is great! We’ve integrated practices & coaching, and SoCal enrollment is at its highest with nearly 30 skaters in the hopper now and several pre-season games planned before Spring. We were also thrilled to spend last week’s torrential El Niño rains practicing indoors in the dry, cozy Dollhouse.  Last night was our first joint Dollhouse new skater & new transfer orientation, and we had a record 45 skaters. We’re super excited to welcome them into our shared, incredibly awesome new home!

New Partnership, Central Facility!

The San Diego Derby Dolls and SoCal Derby Kraken are excited to announce that we’ve partnered up to offer America’s Finest City banked and flat track roller derby team opportunities in one fantastic downtown location!

The San Diego Derby Dolls, famous for their RDCL (Roller Derby Coalition of Leagues) banked track program, have been skating at their downtown Dollhouse facility for years. This winter they’re welcoming the SoCal Derby Kraken, SD’s WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) Division One contenders to share it with them in a first-of-its-kind collaboration. Skaters from both leagues will enjoy dedicated open skates, team practices and shared league practices every day of the week in one convenient centrally-located facility. With experienced and proven coaches from both leagues collaborating, the new training partnership will make for a competitive environment skaters cannot get anywhere else in the world.

Wildfires by Grant Palmer - Kraken by Tristan King

photos Grant Palmer (left), Tristan King (right)

This idea isn’t without precedent! Longtime roller derby fans will remember the early hybrid history of San Diego Derby Dolls as they boasted nationally ranked teams on both track surfaces. In 2010, the Dolls’ all-star team ranked #12 in Derby News Network’s global flat track league ranking and clinched the #1 spot in banked track for the second consecutive year. SoCal Derby’s founding members and several of its 2014 Division 1 Kraken charter are proud hybrid skaters, transitioning fluidly across both surfaces. Leaders of those teams have been pivotal in drafting this partnership, and we’re all very excited for the future of roller derby on both tracks in San Diego.

Photos by Tyler Shaw (left), 123eventphotography (right)

Photos by Tyler Shaw (left), 123eventphotography (right)

Practices under this new collaboration begin in January of 2016. For details about schedule and the programs offered by SDDD and SoCal, please contact: or check our practice schedule and join us links. If you have further questions, you can reach us at